Current Projects

1. Evidence Based Space Medicine
Funding: NASA
PI: Arnauld Nicogossian

2. World Medical and Health Policy Journal
Partial Support: Policy Studies Organization (PSO)
PI: Arnauld Nicogossian

3. Training program in medical and health policy formulation and practice for International Healthcare Providers
PI:Arnauld Nicogossian in collaboration with World Medical Association (WMA) and International Society for Microbial Resistance (ISMR)

4. Using GIS and Simulation for Analyzing Optimal Geographical Boundaries and Organ Allocations Mechanism for Liver Transplant
Funding: National Institutes of Health (NIH)
PI: Naoru Koizumi

5. Simulation Model for Mental Health System Planning
Funding:National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH)
GMU PI:Naoru Koizumi in collaboration with UIPUI (PI) and University of Pennsylvania

6. Geographical Pattern of Mental Health Program Service Users among Medicaid elligibles in Philadelphia
PI: Naoru Koizumi in collaboration with University of Pennsylvania

7. The Intersection of Public Health, Schools, and Public Resiliency


Funding: George Mason University


PI: Arnauld Nicogossian