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The Center for the Study of International Medical Policies and Practices [CSIMPP], Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University, in collaboration with the Policy Studies Organization and the American Public University, will participate in the American Astronautical Society and American Astronomical Society “Footsteps to Mars” Hangout round table discussions on human Mars and Solar System Exploration [Part 6]. Footsteps to Mars: “Socioeconomic, Legal and Ethical Implications of Mars Human Exploration”
Thursday, October 5, 2017
3:00 to 4:00 pm ET

Human settlements on the Moon and exploration of Mars presents many challenges. So far, we addressed the physical and environmental risks to the explorers and settlers. Novel technologies are changing our way of life and will impact the societal and economic pathways of the exploration Solar System. Rapid advances in artificial intelligence and genetic engineering will become enable this human enterprise. Ethics of planetary engineering, commercial activities international agreements, and related US legislation will become guide the way we move forward.

Join Tony Darnell, Harley Thronson and Alberto Conti as they continue addressing with Francesca Schroeder (Fish and Richardson), Arnauld Nicogossian (George Mason University), Charles Doarn (University of Cincinnati), and Catharine A. Conley (NASA Planetary Protection Officer) socioeconomic and ethical challenges of living and working on the Moon and Mars.

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“7th Revision of the Declaration of Helsinki – Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects and its Implications for International Research ” by Otmar Kloiber, M.D., Secretary General of the World Medical Association [WMA], George Mason University, May 12, 2014

Forum on Health, Homelessness and Poverty, George Mason University, November 7, 2013 When Children are Refugees: Pediatric Health Care in Refugee Camps, George Mason University, October 7, 2013 2nd biennual D.C. Health Communication Conference, “Translating Research into Practice”, George Mason University, March 28 – March 30, 2013 The Dupont Summit, Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C., December 7, 2012 Forum on Health, Homelessness, and Poverty, George Mason University, November 8, 2012. The World Health Professions Alliance WHPA Luncheon, May 21 2012, Hotel Intercontinental, Ch. du Petit-Saconnex 7-9, 1201 Geneva December 2, 2011: “United States Space Sciences and Exploration Policy in the Next 20 Years.” Policy Studies Organization, Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington DC. December 3, 2010: “Challenges in International Medical and Health Policy Publishing.” Policy Studies Organization, Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington DC. November 19,2010: “The Intersection of Public Health, Schools, and Public Resiliency” George Mason University, Arlington Campus. September 2, 2010: “Mentor Protégé Program: Northrop Grumman – CSSS (4th year) Training Workshop” George Mason University, Arlington Campus. Details September 1, 2010: Short Course at American Political Science Association Annual Meeting “Use of GIS for Effective Policy Development” Marriott Wardman Park, Washington DC Various types of national and international policy studies that highlight the usefulness of GIS in formulating effective policies were presented by the practitioners, policy-experts and academicians. Details November 20, 2009: Workshop: “Communication Policies on Influenza Pandemic Preparedness and Evidence base Knowledge” George Mason University, Arlington Campus. November 3, 2008: Forum: “Critical Facilities Decontamination Following Intentional Biological Exposure,” George Mason University The purpose of this forum was to establish the adequacy of the scientific literature for the formulation of decontamination policies and standards for critical facilities after exposure to a biological agent (bioterrorism). January 16, 2008: Workshop: “Presentation and Peer Review of a White Paper on Hospital Environmental Decontamination,” George Mason University The goal of this workshop was to provide a forum for an invitational expert panel of stake-holders and interested parties in the area of hospital environmental decontamination to discuss the relevant issues. Two presenters were from Canada and the United Kingdom. Also, presented was a White Paper on the current evidence-base for hospital environmental decontamination for peer review by this group. November 8, 2007: Workshop: “Development of an Evidence-Based Information Tool to Enhance The National and International Space Medicine Policy Formulation Process,” George Mason University The purpose of this meeting was to present and discuss the updated general process of the critical assessment of the space medicine literature and to solicit expert advice on the “Draft Assessment of the Musculoskeletal and Fluids/Electrolytes, Hematology, Immunology and Endocrinology.” October 17, 2007: BIO IT Coalition Meeting: “Highlighting the Future of Biotechnology and Healthcare in Virginia,” George Mason University The organizations represented by our two speakers, Raj Bawa, M.S., Ph.D. and Terry Woodworth, Ph.D., play an important role in the future development of biotechnology in Virginia. Dr. Bawa discussed the profound future impact of nanomedicine on society. Dr. Woodworth related how CIT supports advances in science and technology to enable us to create new solutions that address a myriad of challenges and, by doing so, stimulate new employment opportunities for Virginia citizens. September 26, 2007: Workshop: “Planning for a Health and Medical Policy and Practice Training Program,” George Mason University The goal of this workshop was to present and discuss the objectives of the planned Health and Medical Policy and Practice Training Program which was done in collaboration with the World Medical Association, the American Telemedicine Association and the International Society of Microbial Resistance. We also presented a survey, developed to identify the needs of the target audience as well as their capacities, for peer review. See article: October 23, 2006: Forum: “International Medical Summit on Microbial Resistance,” George Mason University The World Medical Association (WMA), the American Medical Association (AMA), the International Society of Microbial Resistance (ISMR), and the George Mason University (GMU) Schar School of Policy and Government’s Office of International Medical Policy (OIMP) collaborated to review, revise and strengthen the WMA microbial resistant drug policy in light of the developments over the past decade. A major step in this process was the convening of an invitational expert panel one-day seminar.