Research Staff

Rajenda Kulkarni

Rajendra Kulkarni has over 15 years of experience in interdisciplinary research, algorithm development, quantitative modeling and analysis development. Trained as an engineer and a computer scientist he has worked and conducted research in variety of fields, including social science, regional science and development, transportation science, social network analysis, spatio-temporal analysis, predictive analytics, machine learning, simulation & modeling, nonlinear dynamic systems and complexity science.  Over the last several years, as a special projects coordinator with the Office of Research at GMU, he provided wide range of support to research programs including program management and evaluation, visualization of complex concepts and data, database development, web and application development, content-management, technical support and strategic advice to research faculty and administrators. He is published widely in top research journals and books. He has received an NSF grant award and was Co-PI on several research projects. He has received a U.S. Patent for complex network analysis and was a founding member of a research spin-off company FortiusOne (GeoIQ).